European Radio & Digital Audio Show 2018

Radio Renaissance : Amplifying Audio Experience

Key numbers

  • 6,785 attendees (+13%) with 30% Int’l
  • 130 Conference sessions(60% Radio 2.0) Strategy & Monetisation / Innovation (écriture-UX) / Glocal
  • 220 Speakers

RTL/M6, France Culture, Deezer,

Pandora, TuneIn, Havas, CSA, Pays Nordiques…

  • 120 Exhibitors (+ 20%)
    with 40% Int’l

+ Media briefing, études, masterclass, awards, radio du salon, networking

The European Radio and Digital Audio Show will take place the 24, 25 & 26 of January 2019 in Paris.

It’s all about celebrating our media and making the 7.000 or so visitors happy with presentations, lectures, meetings, surprises, workshops and ceremonies.

In 2019, the Iberian countries will be the guest of honour and its radio professionals will be in the spotlight. It will be a unique opportunity to discover the nuggets to be gleaned from Spanish and Portuguese radio, to share this knowledge, to meet new clients, to expand or consolidate this market and to showcase the Iberian way of making radio.