Webinar #1 Personalizing Broadcast Radio

Bilan Webinar MusicoveryLegacy radios are willing to enrich broadcast radio experience on multiplatform.They are looking for solutions to offer their listeners a more personalized experience.Learn how to realize the full value potential of the behavioural data of your listeners to develop intuitive, rich and #SMARTRADIO.

  • How to create smart radios ?
  • How to build personalized YouTube channels ?
  • How to substitute a song that a listener skips for one this he will like  ?
  • How to generate notifications of personalized and geolocalized concerts ?
  • How to send personalized notifications of new releases/hot news ?
  • How to built loyalty programmes with ultra-targeted gifts (concerts, collector editions, goodies) ?

Vincent CastaignetSpeaker Vincent Castaignet,
Co Founder and CEO – Musicovery

Nicolas MoulardPresenter Nicolas Moulard
Connected media consultant at Actuonda

Organiser of Radio 2.0 events
Email : moulard@actuonda.com
Linkedin profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolasmoulard

This Radio 2.0 Webinar is conducted by Musicovery, an innovative French company helping his radio customers, such as iHeart Radio, to design innovative and exciting music experiences.


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