Radio 20 Webinar SeriesRadio 20 Webinar Series Personalizing Broadcast Radio Register #1

Date : Thursday, March 3, 2016
Time : 4:00 – 4:45 pm CET (Paris)

Legacy radios are willing to enrich broadcast radio experience on multiplatform.
They are looking for solutions to offer their listeners a more personalized experience.
Learn how to realize the full value potential of the behavioural data of your listeners to develop intuitive, rich and #SMARTRADIO.

  • How to create smart radios ?
  • How to build personalized YouTube channels ?
  • How to substitute a song that a listener skips for one this he will like  ?
  • How to generate notifications of personalized and geolocalized concerts ?
  • How to send personalized notifications of new releases/hot news ?
  • How to built loyalty programmes with ultra-targeted gifts (concerts, collector editions, goodies) ?

Vincent CastaignetSpeaker : Vincent Castaignet,
Co Founder and CEO – Musicovery

Nicolas MoulardPresenter : Nicolas Moulard
Connected media consultant at Actuonda

Organiser of Radio 2.0 events
Email : moulard@actuonda.com
Linkedin profile : https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolasmoulard

This Radio 2.0 Webinar is conducted by Musicovery, an innovative French company helping his radio customers, such as iHeart Radio, to design innovative and exciting music experiences.



The objective of the Radio 2.0 Webinar series is to help radio and online audio editors to trigger digital opportunities to enrich audience experience and better value their digital assets and brands. This event is organized by Actuonda and hosted by Glowbl, live-stage platform and online meeting space for a public, private or professional use.